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Located in Tianjin, the biggest port in the North of China, close to China’s capital of Peking and Hebei province, KINGNOD Furniture has developed from an unknown small team of 15 people into a furniture manufacturing company with 100 or so staff members. All the achievement has been owing to our principle of “Attain the best quality for survival; Keep every promise for customer”. With advanced machinery and technology, KingNod’s production used to center on steel and glass furniture like dinning table, chair, coffee table and TV stand. Ever since 2014, we purchased a dozen of machines and added pp plastic chair collection. We take “Customer is our king” as our service motto and try our best to offer the best quality and the best price to meet customers’ needs. KINGNOD’s products have already spread across the domestic market with high quality and advanced service philosophy. Ever since the company began developing the overseas market in 2008, KINGNOD furniture has gone far abroad to many countries like UK, France, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukrain, Moldova, Latvia, Belgium, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Panama, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Burma, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hongkong and South Africa, etc. Our company annual sales can reach $3 -5 million, Monthly supply capacity is 30-50 containers.With more than 8 years of export experience along with excellent quality, confirmed service philosophy, and competitive price, KINGNOD has won numerous customers’ trust and support. We do appreciate your attention and look forward to establishing business relationship with you.


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Address : 1 Gonghua Street, Huayuan Industry Park, Nankai District, Tianjin City, China 

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