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Master chairs C-486@ KINGNOD

Master chair designed by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet for Kartell in 2010. As one of

the hot selling models of Kingnod Furniture. Masters chair is available in a variety of colors,

is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can stack up to four chairs.

On its four slim legs, the Masters seat is roomy and comfy. The back of the chair is its most

fascinating feature, of course, characterised by the fullnesses and empty spaces created by

the curvaceous criss-crossing lines of three different backs descending to meet together at

the seat.

The Master chair is three designer chairs in one. If you look closely, you can see 

the silhouettesof the Series 7 by Jacobsen, the Tulip by Saarinen, and Eiffel Chair by Eames.

Packing &Inspection photos

Designer chair. Made from polycarbonate. Please leave contact to deal.

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