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Tulip chairs C-487@ KINGNOD

This very modern and full of passion chair is something that You have to have around You. 

It's not only strong and good looking, but with its colours it will make every space alive. 

Beautiful, spirited and comfortable chair. Wonderful shades of colours available: Red, blue, 

white, yellow, grey and black. Made of polypropylene with faux leather cushion of the same color.

 Cross style wooden feet in natural beech painted. Suitable for all types of environment, rejoices 

and gives a touch of liveliness to your home.

Packing &Inspection photos

It's a really pretty chair and the cushion makes it comfortable for extended use. Recommended!

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Address : 1 Gonghua Street, Huayuan Industry Park, Nankai District, Tianjin City, China 

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